Dental Plans And Insurance

Everyone is aware we are going through a global financial crisis but most people still need and want to take care of their health. This is defiantly true when it comes to oral health and teeth care and it is vital that people continue to look after their teeth. Bad mouth conditions and poor teeth care can cause other problems in the body and recent tests have shown that they can increase the chance of having heart attacks. Many dental practice plan services are now helping people spread the cost of their dental work with dental plans. Dental plans are making a case as the best alternative to dental insurance policies but lots of people don’t understand the difference between dental plans and insurance.

Dental insurance is the main alternative to dental payment plans but dental insurance policies tend to be too expensive and there are other problems with them that put potential clients off. Typically dental insurance in America is priced some where around $200 per annum for one person and around 1500 dollars per annum for a family. Another problem with dental insurance is that in most cases the insurance policy doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions and there is a waiting period before you can have any dental surgery under your insurance. The waiting period is usually 6 – 12 months or can be 24 months if major dental surgery is required. Most dental insurance companies only allow a maximum pay out of a thousand dollars a year, the big issue awith this is, if you need root canal surgery on 2 of your teeth then the policy will only cover you to get one tooth done a year. As a result of this in the US over 110 million people go without any sort of dental insurance.

A dental plan in the US costs around 80 dollars per year and these are more flexible than dental insurance. Dental plans give you access to a community of dentists that give discounts of between 10% and 60%. All dental procedures are covered from x-rays and cleanings to cosmetic dentistry, teeth extractions and fillings. Another advantage of dental plans is that there is no waiting period. Say you decided to sign up for a dental plan today, then you would be able to go and see a dentist the day after.

You may be thinking how can dental plans be that much cheaper and where is the catch? A practice branded dental plan provides dental surgeries to offer combinations of membership, maintenance and capitation. This in turn allows practices to provide the sort of dental plans that meet the specific needs of the patient. These sort of flexible payment schemes will help dentist surgeries to keep their clients, rather than loosing them to others or preventing them from turning their back on dental surgeries all together. Have a healthy teeth and a Good Day!

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